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Weirdness of the Grow

Do you remember, the days when the economical grow of the country or company was in %? Do you see how it looks like in these days?

After the time it was easy... newspapers inform us about % grow of this or that - from value 100 grow 2% to 102... but today? today they inform us about grow of the grow... Does this sense? Oh, not for me but this is reality of today. I read in newspapers often, this company grow grow from + 23% to 25% or in worst scenario it is decrease from +23% to + 20%. Do you know what is weird? It is still grow + 20% it is positive information. BUT the Newspapers article has mood like it is bad information - negative connotation.

This is not good style, not good for society, not good for system, but I am not sure what to do with it, it is question for journalists, but they need to have reads, they need controversy, they need emotions, so they do what they do. We have just one protection: be watchful.