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Story of the reborning

When you realize reborning should be real option of life being and when you start to find anything about this topic you will always see there is talks about asceticism and what should be your goal is to never reborn agains = nirvana.

But wait... what does this realy mean? For me it mean mute your life, mute your feeling so tell your soul you don´t want to be reborn and it will be the true. Why this should be the great stuff of our being? some promises there is other great lives, well for me? Who cares! I love our planet, I love our possibilities, I love this place as it is, there is everything, this world is PERFECT and our lives can be as we create them! Why someone want to the higher creatures with abilities to go out of this planet? To let them here alone with lower ones?

Well, it is smart strategy, but I don´t want to go out from here, I want to stay and I hope smart people will understand why.

Enjoy your life, we have amazing gift to be here, enjoy it and be happy for what you have, be happy with all feelings what can you feel, enjoy the pain, enjoy the happiness, enjoy! What if is here no reborn, what if is here no heaven above us...

notice this: all of the religions tell you: be ascetic, don´t enjoy your life, and don´t do what want you do or feel guilty. This is not right, feel happy with who you are, realize who live inside of your soul and be that person, don´t care about society, don´t care about rules, about church, love your life, live and let life.