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Story of the Moon

author: Gregory H. Revera, Wikipedia
It was 4,5 billion years ago when our planet was built by them, our whole solar system and just 4,3 they created our synchronized moon from our beautiful planet...

they build it, they shoot it from here and now we can see the most amazing phenomenon what we ever see.

How is it possible to see just one side of our moon, how chance it is naturaly, by coincidence? Just an minimal chance, the same as we live in the real reality... not just simulation.

They knew it... the know the true, our creators... not gods... because who is the God? Person who create us or something what created whole space? Our history says our Gods are those who just create us, maybe our solar system, but not whole space... I call this guys gods... they are same players as we are... they have special abilities, they have longer lives, they have better technology, but still they can call them selves of creators of the space because they are not.

There is no higher dimension, there is no more spaces... there is just the point... the energy, maybe call it the thought. and the thought is what is inside of every single molekule, every single atom... and every single spot of our space.

pardon me, this should be about the moon... yea... the moon, our "natural" satelite... sure...