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Criticism of Referendums (direct democracy)

TThere is criticism of direct democracy after Brexit.

Well, after every single referendum when it outcome wrong for elites.

Let me say this: referendum - direct democracy without goverment is the best what society should have as political system. BUT: there must be known, safe system of usage! NEVER let referendum to be valid in MAIN questions so close. (like this time 51,9% for and 48,1% against) - for example in standard representative democracy you need to have 120:80 minimally for approval of something important, so this rule must be same for direct democracy too, in this case for example minimum for approve 60% of voters. Without this is direct democracy convicted to die.

We need to have system of direct democracy in our technological society where we will never need goverment and we need to have rules and strong safeguards. - ORDER