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Stoicism like Buddhism

Religion vs Philosophy! Thats our culture! Our age is significant to fight between Religion people vs Atheists, but where is old fight between Religion people and Philosophers?

I love Stoicism and Buddhism looks cool enough, but you can say there is similiraties, like live calm life, finding your internal calm and so on... but for example Stoicism is more individualistic othervise Buddhistic Anattá is antiindividualistic.

and I should say that you can find similarities in this two opposites too!

How will you imagine upper dimension? first dimension is one point, second dimension is drawing on the paper and third dimension is our 3D world... what shoule be 4D? is there the creator? some world, some people who developed this simulation and is there a place where in real bodies we live? I was always thinking how it can looks like there, how they were created and where they are come from! but wait! What it our creator didn´t come from 4D space... what if is IT from 0D/1D?

I stoped with looking outside, I start to looking inside, and inside of us is nothing, just an energy/information, so what should be the big mind/idea? Just an energy...

I think it is more logical when I imagine just an energy, idea of existence, kind of big brain who imagine whole world, than my childhood imaginations of the modern world, where are big machines where we are connected to this cool simulation. and this point of the view can explain why you are an individuality and in the same time you are just part of one big idea/existence.