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RIP mania

Did you share RIP status when Muhammad Ali (Professional Boxer) die? if Yes I have a question, did you ever saw just one of his full box fight or did you just share his "meme pics"?

Similar like with mr. David Bowie, this guy was last 5-10 years relativly unknow, kind of person who were famous but who has relativly nothing to say, I saw his last work before his death and I saw/hear people who didn´t know him after he die, they found him just at the day when he was death!

is this normal for you? To sending RIP statuses for people who are just trendy? I hate this kind of moralizing because it's mostly hypocrite but I am starting to hate when people share RIP statuses about people who they never saw, never hear about them and they wasn´t their fans at all... :-/ yea it is called Virtual Reality... and it is!