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My sick experience with Facebook

Before years I started to be active on social sites, my first experience was Facebook, I had a concept: Town pages about smaller towns about 100k citizens, I want to make my own distribution site to share my own content... well time day by day work facebook deleted most of my pages after attact of my competitors (about 50k followers they deleted - 20k followers they allow me to have), so I went out from Facebook at first time...

I start to be active on Google+ where I have now about 1 milion followers. I have there sucessful communities, pages and so on and I am using now as my distribution site for my own work... I had no problem here, when I my pages were realy trendy I had one or two attacs by my competitors but Google never hurts me to destroy my pages, Google just told, this should be against the rule, don´t do it and you will be okey with us, so I did and google never deleted any of page!

Than after years I start to be active on Facebook too, I had there page about my hometown and about my self, just two pages, one connected with my personal profile on twitter and google plus, youtube and blog and my town page where I shared just photos of my beautiful town, just under my copyright or 100 and more years old photos without copyright... well facebook ban my pages without any reason, I cas just think that there was someone from my competitors who report my pages for anythink and Facebook automat block it, it is possible because my town page was one of the biggest here and it was realy popular, no negative comments, just people commenting and sharing and likeing my posts... and second what I think is: I didn´t buy their promotion... I didn´t pay facebook for possibility to use theirs "amazing" service so they ban me.

for sure: Google give me my part of money from advertisment, it is cooperation! I am working to have views I am making activity / views / comenting and so on and Google gives me my part...

Facebook? If you are making activity on facebook, if your pages has likes, shares commenting so Facebook has money from you(facebook put their ads next to yours photos) and if you will not PAY to facebook for this amazing opportunity to make money to them, than Facebook BAN you... sad story bro.

I love you Google and thank You for the opportunity to use Your service at all! (youtube, blogspot, google+)

ps. the best dot at the end: now is popular Football Championship #euro2016 and Facebook force me to share post about it... wtf? Why? New kind of totality? We all will share what Facebook want?