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Gold diggers: Difference between ugly and pretty girls

Today I want to tell you my opinion about gold diggers.

People mostly say most of the women are gold diggers, someone should say it´s their genetic equipment, but still how man can understant woman?

So I just try to do it. What I saw in my life was that uglier women are more gold diggers than the pretty ones... it maybe sounds weird but let me explain it. The pretty ones take money as something natural, so you have no feeling they just want yours money, if you have it, if you are self-confident and if you are able to attract them than you have big chance to be with pretty one even you have not much money. Because they take it as standard, so they will be happy with normal amount.

But ugly ones, they are like sepias, they have small chance to be with a man, they are not often with them so when they have a chance to be with him they want all. kind of starving, so when they see the plate full of something what they haven´t before they want it all and in that situation the man can think they are gold diggers because they act like it, just because they have not experience.

I know, I know... it is generalizing, and it will no be true in 100% situacions... but... something is right about it... isn´t it? ;)