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Flier: Antiutopia - when I saw Tieman first time

When I flew once over the country I saw recreation center, with big rock mountain so I flew up and over the country, it was spring, late afternoon and I were seeing mountains far away.

It was pretty quiet fly when I thought it will be the best if I turn back to the start point... and than my story starts... it was just after sunset... still some light but kind of shadow over the location. No people, quiet. So I flew to the near village it was next to the turist center, in real it was end of the railway... it was old railway, electrified... quite nice wagons, but this was not so important for me... I saw something moving there in the village... it was small boy... maybe 10 years old... he was doing something, I don´t know, something next to the tree, but wait... whole place was wrong, like people were different... weird mood was around... so I flew over the tree where the boy were doing something at the garden... he was doing I don´t know what something what boys do, playing some kind of the game maybe, just kid in the garden and than some kind of tieguy came to him.

"What are you doing my dear? What do you do here? Why aren´t you at your house?" He was asking and asking... his voice was like voice of the Judas of Nazzareth. The kid told him just one sensense: "My Father will Understand!",  after that the tieman changed his smiling face and call somewhere, it was the moment when mother of this boy just went to the garden and watching whats happened, the father was just behind her.

It was question of few seconds and the van was next to their house and black dressed people were just droping them into the van, no questions, just subbmision, like they knew this will happend one day.

I were not understanding all this situation, but I knew I need to find where the will go, what will happen with them... but it was not question of this day... my time end there and I flew out.