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Basic income

An unconditional basic income is a form of social security system in which all citizens or residents of a country regularly receive an unconditional sum of money, either from a government or some other public institution, in addition to any income received from elsewhere. (source: Wikipedia).

You can think what you want but in future we will need this kind of basic income, in Europe about 50% of citizens are working rest of them just take some kind of benefits. about 12-15% citizens are payed by the goverment, so here is just about 1/3 people who realy generate some value.

Guarantee income brings the system some justice, why are working people slaves of the other ones? It is more fair when they working people will have same money from the system like people who don´t want to work, Now when you have a job you work about 20% of your time to have same money what unemployed people has for free!

We will need it but question is if is here right time to realize this idea and what is balanced amount of it!