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Me and my native language

I was writing last 10 days in my native language... I know my English is not good, I am not native speaker and I know about my mistakes, but still my native language uses just 10 million people at all, the most of mine readers are from foreing countries and for sure most of my work is not writen stuff so why to not write English?

Well to be honest, writing in my native language is quite boring for me... I don´t know why but to be right: I am using diferent side/part of my brain to write when I am using English than Czech language. It is maybe weird but thinking English define what part of your brain you use.

btw you can read George Orwell he was writing about it a lot. Language define how you think;)

well this is all for sure... I am making new youtube videos where I will be minimaly first few months quiet, so hope you will survive and I will be able to make some qualite stuff. I am not sure about it but I hope so...

now I will sometimes write somthing in my native language(Czech) but not every day and not so often... but more than in past :) if ya dislike anything about my style of writing let me know and we can dispute about it. cu