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Dreamer: Samurai vs. Alien

It´s Saturday, the day of the true, evening and I have an energy drink on my table... yea I have one in my body already but who cares? I don´t, it is not healthy but who wants to live forever?

It´s standard night, some movie, maybe game, no woman around just me, but there is something on the wind... can´t say what... weird feeling, maybe it´s because I am alone so long, but some lightning comes from outside but no storm around, in true it was hot sunny day today so how is it possible?

I must check it out! I see nothing, just dark street with few lights, there is one car and nothing more, but.. wait, the flash is here again and it seems to come from the right side of my garden, now tell me should I check it our or stay here?

Click If you want to stay here! // read more if you want to go out!


There is nothing, simply nothing, no light no UFO, nothing to see just dark night.

But who are you to think there is something what there shouldn't be?

wait the moment, where am I now? Why so much light, why all the swords on the walls? It looks like arena, it sounds like it, a lot of the noise but I can´t see nothing more just a bright light, my clothes changed, everything is different, I have a feeling I must take a sword and stay focused, I need to prepare, maybe you know that feeling when you know what to do, that´s exactly the same, I just hear my internal voice I simply do what I must to do and here it is, the reason why I am here an alien like from that movie and I feel fear but more of it I feel proud to be here!

I took the position and I am waiting now, what the alien will do, the noise is louder than anything I ever hear, like from football stadion but not for thousands this is like for million! The alien is really angry, he hate the noise, he is trying to run out of the room but he can´t do anything just fight with me and now I can see, I have the habit of old famous samurai! I don´t know why but I have the feeling like I know all the samurai moves, I have the feeling like I know what to do and the alien is running now, running against me, like an torpedo, like an rocket man. But I am ready, just one smash, one right move like from Hollywood movies and Alien is without part of his face. He is shaking now and his corrosive blood is all around the rood I need to do some moves to be in safe position, but it seems to have no effect against the material of the room and I am in the center of Alien´s attention now again.

and now, now he looks really, really angry, he is starting to run, JUMP but not to my direction, he jumped to the wall next to him and jumped again to the other wall and again! and now to me, all what I can do is one fast swish, nothing more and pray, one swish and all life is in front of my eyes... there is not much what to say, few broken hearts, few platonic loves, few unsuccessful tries to be famous and few unsatisfactoriness jobs, shitty life I had and this one situation this one smash is more than I ever lived, more than I ever feel, one swish and all my life has sense, I simply want to live, I simply want to breath, I want to jump I want to write I want to feel and the Alien is falling down his both sides...

the noise it amazing now like an celebration all the room is like rainbow not shining rainbow with shining walls and that´s it I remember I am on the floor, with my energy drink, vomit next to me... I had some kind of attack maybe, I don´t know... but it was so real... was it real? or am I just an dreamer!