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World like Oxymoron

Did you ever think the whole world is one big Oxymoron?

Well, let me explain... did you realize that a lot of stuff in history was exactly the opposite what our leaders, kings, führers said to us before their destructive acts?

The most visible is our political situation and how we call political systems of our countries.

For example: China is called Communistic and I am asking where is there the communism? if you look at the China closely it is more Capitalistic absolutism and it has nothing to do with communistic ideology... than Europe is called capitalistic democratic country and in real it is more like centralized corporativistic socialism, USA just Centralized Corporativism, but we can see there tries to make it socialistic too.

Isn´t it Marx who said that Communism must to become in the rich country to be succesfull? in 20st was in poor countries... now we can see its more and more in hour heads like something what is our human right... well probably in robotized era when the most of the hard work will do robots we will be more close to communism than we ever thought... and it looks logicly... but who knows... we are just humans and some 3rd World War smash us in second and there will be no future... as always...

find positive in negative - every end mean new start and new chance to learn from old mistakes