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GameTalks: "Kingdom Come: Deliverance"

Okey, as always I am not the critic or redactor so I will watch at this game from my point of view.

First of all what is interesting for me is that the game is developed by the people from my 10 million country, even I am half German I am still citizen of the Czech Republic so you know, they are hopefully making something what will make me proud.

What is interesting about the game

On the first place there is unique AI system where the NPC will live their lifes... well if you know Daniel Vavra you maybe remember talks about interactive gaming whre the player has in front of him interactive story with a lot possibilites which mean different point of the view on gaming as we know... well I remember when I was playing Mafia before 10 or more years and I loved the idea of nonlinear game story... Movies was death story interactive games was future... well in time I was finding this kind of games and I fuond just not enought for me... some Mass Effect series, The Witcher and of course Fallout... but was it enought? Nope... than I hear Mafia 2 is comming with Vavra on the board... and after his exit and my disillusion from what they did with Mafia 2(someone took the scenario maden by Vavra, randomly without thinking deleted some parts of it and use it as the scenario for the game) I was just dying player who has nothing to play...

but now I have a hope named Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Try to imagine you have wold full of living NPC who are living their lifes and you are just part of their interacting ecosystem... it seems to be more like social project than game... you may think about it in this case because the AI system is maden by people from Charles University. I bet we will maybe read some conspiracy comments about using this AI to research reactions of the people and their behaviour in different situations(btw this should be interesting data, hmm).

As well as... I am waiting for this game!