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Winners need loosers

Do winners need loosers?

This question seems to be similar the sentense: Without evil can´t be good...

try to imagine you have just good ones... just good... than logicly the good become evil one day... the same is with winners... without loosers are winners loosers.

Funny stuff with this kind of relativity.

but what about relationships... do successful ones need to have some kind of sheep next to them or do they in real need to have succesfull ones too? Reality says winners have sheeps next to them... but are they happy? Well this will not have short answer... from my point of the view I don´t know in this case... well I am not sure if I am the winner or looser :D it is same like question if I am a stupid or genius :D alway depend who is saing the result ;) but still, people are colorful... so be cool... you always find the few ones who will think same as you ;)