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Shooting in USA - again ´n again ´n again

Is this significant for our epocha and our western society? No war in our countries, no massive deaths but permanent scare that someone from your neighborhood should kill us?

It is like the test of ?mouses or what it was... scientists made perfect enviroment, enought food, ideal heat and this ?mouses after they grow their population start to degenerate and die sooner.

Looks like existence is defined by pain/scare/unperfection I gues. When we have feeling we have not enought this or that we have motivation and we grow... we fight, we get up when we fall... but when we feel satisfaction, when we think we have all what we need than we degenerate, than we feel hopeless, than we have "civilisation illness".

so what the hell this to do with shooting in USA? well this have with it a lot... it mean we will feel scare... we will feel hopeless, but we will think we live, we fight and we need to find solution for better life, for better world.. so paradoxly it´s possitive... like capitalism... where there is no finish, there is just unlimited endless grow... and this is genial and salvage for us. Because without carrot for the donkie, the donkie will stand and die.