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MovieTalks: Creed

That feeling when black actors protests against rasistical "academy awards"(oscars) and in the most black movie Creed is most talked person who could possibly win some awards paradoxically white Sylvester Stallone.

writen one day before 2016 oscar show

btw about the movie... well you know me, I am not writing about movies as them self... this is not crytics section... this is just talks based on the topic, well but did you saw the scene when yung Creed beat in two row the white guy and his girl run to him, take a swing at him and he almost fall down? :D than she laught? Was funny scene, gues it was not prepared and I love Stallone´s style movies that he let this scene in...

well about that movie... I grow up on Rocky serie so that idea is my life... when you fall, get up and fight... what more you need to hear? 

Let Stallone win the Oscars and fck off with rasistical talks... one small advice for black people... make some good movies and we will watch ´em thats more than shty talks about rasism... who cares who win this or that... succes and hard work is more than talks... CREED for OSCARS!