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GameTalks: Total War: Rome II

Okey,I will tell You the true, I am obsessed by Roman history, by antique Rome.

I love story of Gaius Julius Caesar, Octavianus Augustus, Punic Wars... Roman political system, cultural style, yea about whole Roman Idea(Pax Romana).

So as you can see I were realy happy when SEGA made second Rome. Place where I imaginary can made whole Roman empire, where can I dream my dream... I don´t want to talk about this game... this is not why I am writing this. well as you can see if you reading me more than once, my "talks" series about music, movies and now games is not much about the product... it is "talk" because it is more about my feelings, about what I fuond interesting about idea, about some interesting insides and the most interesting about Rome II is the whole idea of Antique Rome with possibility to play there some political games... to build your own reputacy, to fight against Hannibal.

Well Rome as Empire was and will be for me something what makes me crazy and this game eat a lot of my time.