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Do you want to be Chosen? It´s not so good as it seems to be!

Neo, Superman, Harry Potter, Anakin Skywalker(Darth Vader).

Try to imagine you are one of the Chosen, do you think thats great? Well, let me say this... this kind of characters are demotivating... for example I were loving Batman as I was younger... Superman was not so popular for me, maybe Spiderman was cool... but Batman? Thats great idea. So back to the guey I wrote before.

This guys are "Chosen", Chosen by someone, chosen to do something, they mostly have some special abilites who anyone else has not... not because they were strong mind and train them selfs... they have just a "gift". Superman can fly, Anakin has special genetic something, Neo has special ability... this all has something they sometimes event don´t want to have...

When I were talking about Batman I don´t think thats ideal superhero to motivate you, but it is even better than most os superheroes who are just chosen, Batman is too from rich family, he has a lot toys with what he can play, but still he must to work on him self and do something to be who he is. He has easier path than normal people, but still much more harder than the rest of them.

Weird is that the negative persons in this stories are people who make them self from nothing... they were mostly not be from rich families... they mostly has not special abilities... they simply grow from nothing and made something... and this people are Evil... is it realy Good to be Chosen or is this just relativity and propaganta from author side?

Why is so popular to imagine you are someone diferent as other people just for free, and why is evil to be someone who were strong mind, and work hard to do something imposant?

My point of view is that its not so good to be "good". Think about it ;)