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Denuvo cracked, is the hope for PC gaming dead?

Denuvo, is an anti-tamper technology, the one of few who were strong and hard to crack. It was hope for us who want to have biggest choice what to play on PC.

PC games are not so expensive and it´s the best when you can play it on your strong machine, when you don´t need to buy some game console where games are much more expensive and it´s quite stupid to have one thing just for playing games.

yea I am a persong who like using one machine for a lot stuff, like watching movies, listening music, playing games and thats PC or Notebooks... + connecting with smart phone, ideal combination, in this case I don´t need to use or buy game machines, it´s irelevant... and I am not talking about games which are not on Playstation or X Box, like my favourite strategies. but just one game I miss on PC. NHL.

Yea I love ice Hockey... and it sound stupid to buy whole playstation just for one game :-/

and now? when I had hope that they made some protection which can´t be crack I read that they cracked it already... aw :(

okey okey... bye bye Ice Hockey... but the hope die last ;)