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MovieTalks: Lucy

The movie Lucy, I found it controversial when I was reading comments of the people but I need to ask why?

Why people don´t have same point of view as me and don´t get the artist need to be POP in our POP-culture when he want to make something deeper and in the same time have views?

for example... what if someone have genial idea but noone hear it, noone care just bcos it´s boring and noone understand, than is right to be "cool" and stay nonconform and let this idea in our heads or is it better to popularize this idea for normal people and let them to hear?

This is my point of view... this is my opinion I think that the main idea of this movie LUCY is genial... simply genial combination Morgan Freeman and Scarlett Johansson to think about things which we normaly don´t think is simply genial... the information they told us and let us imagine, the symbolic inside this movie, yea I don´t want to tell you all, but if you one of the people who see this movie like stupid action movie, give this movie second chance, and try thing... don´t see the pop scenes and see the idea... the art and then you will see the light and thats what I love about a lot of popular movies... the code, the deep inside a popular movies... when the authors have one version for mass and second version for someone who can see the light, be the one... try it and than you will understand.

This is all what I want to say today, it is my start of MovieTalks section, so it is more about what I will write about than about the Lucy, I think when you see it with open eyes you will understand what I mean, the idea of beeing... the idea of inteligence... the idea of using our abilities... This is whats all about.