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UFO: Aliens between Us

As a writer I need to think about aliens... someone call it UFO.

I want to tell ya one theory... one question: Why should someone want to travel so far from other galaxies/solarsystems to checking out one small planet with few billions of animalic creatures who know nothing?

Better theory is: they are here... why to spend a lot of energy to traveling when they simply should be here... I don´t know: underground?

Like Roman empire... they where just about 100 years before technological revolution, they know steam engine, they know principles of computers... they know a lot... so why the hell can´t be here some small group from this ages secretly hidden under ground when they saw how people are acting? We can go small far... why we should think this is first civilisation... we have a lot of proofs here was a lot of civilisations before... is it possible someone survive? Why not?

I am not telling: THIS is TRUE... I am just asking... what if... and what if UFO is not Aliens... what if the UFO are just people from the past... stronger technology... longer life(btw it is not so hard to be almost immortal... it is just question of the technology) and WHAT IF we are not ALONE?

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