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Sci-Fi Theories: The Players

I am a writer so I can use our favourite phrase: What if?

What if our bodies are just machines operated by Players? Like in PC games? What if we simply don´t know it, but whole this world is just simulation, some kind of the game, like in Budhistic religion, where we can die and born like in some kind of RPG games?

What if we are here just for fun, bcos the main mind was bored? What if time doesn´t exist... what if space doesn´t exists...
What if dimensions doesn´t exist? What if is here just one big mind with a lot of characters playing this big game where we are living our small lifes to think we are important and we are just small grain in the sand...

no I am not demagoge... I am not telling you that this all is what I am thinking... but this all is just the best theory I ever hear... so let me say... we can dream, think, trust, believe what we want... so why not to think this all is just one part of bigger unity...

We are the Players... and our life is just a game!

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