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Paradox of time traveling: Meeting myself

Sci-fi uses two time traveling theories which can´t coexist together.

Everyone knows them, first is theory from movie Back to the Future, it is the most popular theory, authors use it most of the time, I am not sure why bcos I don´t like it very much, but if they want let them do it...

so... this theory says that we have just one timeline and we can have the paradox of killing our parents, which mean we never born so we can´t exist... well... this is by the way why I dislike this theory... it is illogical, as we saw in Back to the future, we can simply disappear from the world when we do something in the past, like kill our parents and so on...

Well, lets see the second theory... btw the theory which I like and which is more logical for me... theory of more than one space/dimensions/time lines(call it as you want)... in this theory we can simply go to the past, kill your little you and still exist... bcos you didn´t kill yourself, you kill someone else and from that moment you create new time line which is different from timeline which you lived...

btw here is one interesting thing... you can say that just bcos you didn´t meet yourself from the future in the past, you will never travel thru the time and meet yourself, but if we have more than one timelines you can time travel and you can meet yourself, but you will create new time line :) 

I am a writer... and I want to let you know how I think about everything... it is better when you know how I think... what I have inside of my head and thats why I am writing this Blog... it is for you... if you want to know, what kind a stuff you will find inside of my books. Enjoy your day and thank you for reading.

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