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Nikola Tesla: Master of Lightning

Nikola Tesla is one of the few people who I adore for their abilities, genial mind and things what they did.

It if funny or sad that most famous person of the science history in USA is Thomas Alva Edison person who support Guglielmo Marconi tu steal Teslas patent / idea and let people think it´s Marconi´s invention.

Tesla is the person who on the end of 19th century had wireless remote control for his boat(toy), he knew how to wireless transfer the electricity etc. etc. etc... simply a lot of the stuff I am not here to write all his inventions... I just want to let you know that this kind of person are more important for me than people who are here just to make some money... people who give other something new... something untoutchable... something what they don´t get bcos its too early for this or that... for example we have just now possibility to buy wirelles charging stations for our mobile phones... britishs just now bulding wirelles charging highways for electro-busses and so on... Tesla was simply 100 years maybe more in front of us.

I call this people prophet... maybe for me more likeable "lighters"... well, who know... maybe one day, we all see the light...

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