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My Life: Father (historical insight)

My father was born 25.12.1931 in Prostějov (Hana, Moravia) - one of the most beautiful town in central Europe(well the most beautiful is of course Olomouc - Juliomontium, my home town).

He was third children of Kanaks family, his father was director of the town Bank, lieutenant of Austria army.

After World War II become communistic revolution in my country(Czechoslovakia), my family was persecuted during this era. Our property was stolen by communists and my father start to be musician, he made a lot provocative songs and he can´t live at his born town anymore so he moved to the my home town Olomouc, main town of the Moravia. He was unknown here, new so he lost his fame and start to be not dangerous for communistic regime(btw they let him do forced labor as welder and so on...).

He had 3 wifes and my mother was 3rd.

 My father died 26.3.2004.

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