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My home town - iuliomontium / Olomouc

Place where I live is named Olomouc (latin iuliomontium - Mountain of Gaius Julius Caesar - Roman Emperor) 100 000 people lives here. Before 2000 years we were northest border of Roman empire.

"Iuliomontium is my home town, Hana is the region and Moravia is the country."

Country around is flat... Hana(region) is famous for flat ground, in past here was swamp which romans removed.

Few word translations: Moravia (country) - comes from old word meaning water/swamp etc. for example in German still mean "meer" the sea.

Hana mean in Hebrew Beautiful.

and as I wrote before Juliomontium, has name from famous Roman emperor Gaius Julius Caesar - Julius Mountain. Bcos our castle stands on only one mountain in the middle of flat country.

I was born in Czechoslovakia, now it is just Czech republic, but I am not a Czech, I am half German and Moravien.

In the future I will write something about the history of my country, why we are Czech republic now about our language and so on.

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