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Conspiration Theories

As a writer I need to think about whole popular stuff around the people. One of this stuff are conspiration theories.

Well, first of all let me say, I will not make an conspiraci here... I just want to let you know my point of the view.

911, Illuminaty, Free Masons, Landing on the Moon, Pearl Harbor and so on... Internet is full of this stuff, thoughs, facts, theories, but let me say this...

It is not important if it was this or that way for me... it is important if it could be... - let me explain: I will never know if we were on the moon or if 911 was inside job - BUT for me is imporatnt if it could be the true, do you know what I mean... just think without emotions...

I am writer so I am thinking like this: oh is possible to exists some group of people who has so much money they can almost buy or own whole the world?

Where do we know all informations from?

Is Elvis still alive? ;)

Ya know what I want to say now... it is not important if someone lie to us... it is not important if this happend this way or that way... important is if reality is realy reality or just virtuality...

and I the answer know... what about you?

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