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Call me a Writer

Ou yea... I have my first book. Well it´s not so impressive as it should be, but it´s mine, so it must be amazing! It is base of my future creations... poems about creation, life and death, what I think how I feel... check it out and you will see inside of me.

Ya know, I am trying to creating something by my self a long time, funny videos, music, poems... but I finally find my self when I´m writing. Writing is something what I did long time before... writing is my lifestyle...  it is more closer to my deep inside than anything in this world and it is the best way how to excercise my english, btw thats reason why I start to write blog again :)

Take this blog as my place where I will write just my daily thoughts... nothing interesting I think but you can find who I am... I want to write something in daily base so you will maybe find somthing interesting about it maybe not, who cares :) my mainstream stuff is my book.

Now I am writing Connected... something like small sci-fi novel from close age with romantic scheme... hmm... not sure when I will have it done, maybe next month... maybe next year... who knows... true is I am writing it daily... well ya know... true writter :D well I´m happy you are able to read what I want to write... bcos as you can see my english... well... who cares again :)) I know my abilities and what I can hope I will be better and better...

so see you next time and have a nice week fellas... your JK

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